The 2023 RS Feva World Championships have received 198 entries with 28 days remaining until the event begins. It’s great to see such a high level of participation and enthusiasm for the competition.

Country attendance rankings look like this –

Italy (ITA) 73 United Kingdom (GBR) 50 Czech Republic (CZE) 15 France (FRA) 14 Netherlands (NED) 11 Lithuania (LTU) 7 Switzerland (SUI) 6 Denmark (DEN) 5 Austria (AUT) 4 United Arab Emirates (UAE) 4 New Zealand (NZL) 3 Germany (GER) 2 Hungary (HUN) 2 Estonia (EST) 1 Malta (MLT) 1

Can we break the 2019 record and pass the 200 point, we really hope so!