The RS Feva World Championship 2023 commenced with thrilling racing action on the water, but not without its fair share of challenges. The sailors were met with 10 – 15 knots of inconsistent breeze and waves, putting their skills and adaptability to the test from the very start. Numerous general recalls further added to the excitement and competitiveness of the races. Principal Race Officer Fantini Gianluca faced the task of setting courses in wind directions that were unusual for this time of year. As the first day of racing concluded, Team Estonia’s Kaito Haamer and Pärtel Orusalu showcased exceptional performance, leading the fleet overnight with two first-place finishes and a 12th. A strong performances of France’s Antonin Sciou and Lourenço Rolo Couto in second place and Italy’s Giuseppe Bicocchi and Gemma Giovannelli in third.

The sailors were confronted with challenging weather conditions characterized by inconsistent winds of 10 – 15 knots and unpredictable waves. The ever-changing breeze made tactical decision-making critical, and the waves demanded precision in boat handling and control. These conditions created an intense and highly competitive atmosphere on the racecourse.

Team Estonia, comprising Kaito Haamer and Pärtel Orusalu, delivered a standout performance on the opening day of racing. With two first-place finishes and a 12th, they demonstrated their ability to navigate the challenging conditions with consistency and skill, securing the overnight lead.

France’s Antonin Sciou and Lourenço Rolo Couto showcased their prowess with two third-place finishes and an 8th, securing second place overnight. Meanwhile, Italy’s Giuseppe Bicocchi and Gemma Giovannelli exhibited solid performance with a 9th, 1st, and 5th, placing them in third position.

The RS Feva World Championship 2023 began with exciting and challenging racing conditions, setting the stage for an enthralling competition. The sailors demonstrated their skill, adaptability, and competitive spirit on the water. Team Estonia’s impressive overnight lead, alongside strong performances from France and Italy, promises an exhilarating battle for the title. With qualifying races ahead and the impact of the discard yet to be seen, the championship remains wide open.


Day 1 Results

Photo – Oli King Photography