The Magic Marine RS Feva World Championship 2023 encountered challenging weather conditions on day 2 resulting in limited racing. Only one race was completed for all three flights before Principal Race Officer Fantini Gianluca made the decision to cancel further racing for the day due to the building breeze.

The qualifying series, spanning two days has offered challenging racing conditions, high winds and waves. With four races completed the discard came into play, allowing teams to drop their worse-scoring race, providing them with a chance to recover from any setbacks.

As the championship advances, the fleet has now been divided into their Final Series groups: Gold, Silver, and Bronze. Teams carry their non discardable overall ranking score. The Gold, Silver and Bronze fleets will now engage in competitive racing, offering every sailor a chance to further showcase their skills and compete against teams of similar ability.

GBR’s Ben Greenhalgh and Tom Sinfield have secured their position at the top of the leaderboard as the final series begins. Their performance in the qualifying races, combined with their ability to handle challenging conditions effectively, has placed them as strong contenders for the RS Feva World Championship title.

However the competition is far from one-sided, as multiple teams are hot on the heels of the leaders. Callum Hyde and Callum Noyer from New Zealand, Jac Bailey and Ben Sinfield from Great Britain, and Ruta Mazunavicyiuta and Nojus Volungevicius from Lithuania are all within striking distance with 8 points each. This tight grouping ensures that the final series will be thrilling and closely contested, with each team vying for supremacy on the racecourse.

As the championship progresses, new challenges will present themselves. The competition will become even more intense, and the sailors must adapt to the changing dynamics of the racecourse and exploit every opportunity to gain an advantage. Weather conditions, tactical decisions, and teamwork will all play crucial roles in determining the ultimate winners of the RS Feva World Championship.

Photographs – Oli King –