The Magic Marine RS Feva World Championships final day saw a thrilling finale. With the tight racing at the top and big discards at play the championships was wide open leaving no margin for error. In the end it was GBRs Ben Greenhalgh and Tom Sinfield taking the RS Feva World Championships title with local sailors ITA Giuseppe Bicocchi and Gemma Giovannelli in 2nd and LTUs Ruta Mazunavicyiut and Nojus Volungevicius in 3rd.

Silver fleet saw equally as tight racing but it was GBRs Fflur Pierce and Keira Luke taking the top spot on the podium very closely followed by ITAs Oscar Edoardo and Zanella Matteo and taking bronze spot Guido Usardi and Maria Fogazzi.

Just 3 points split the difference between the top 3 boats in the qualifying series for the top 3 bronze fleet sailors and it continued to be a battle going into final series but in the end it was LTU Jonas Šepus and Vilius Vancingeris taking 1st, CZE Tereza Ptácková and Tobiáš Stríz 2nd and 3rd on the podium was George Curs and Benji Bryden.

The event celebrates the achievements of junior sailors, with NZL’s Callum Hyde and Callum Noyer taking the top spot. In the female category, EST’s Mia Maria Lipsmäe and Sandra Sinivee claimed victory, while in the mixed category, ITA’s Joseph Bicocchi and Gemma Giovannelli emerged as champions, finally In the family category, Father and Son team NZL’s David and Cameron Ferris triumphed, showcasing the spirit of sailing and family bonding.


Prize Category Top 3

JUNIOR – 13 and Under on 31st  December 2023

1 NZL 7457 Callum Hyde, Callum Noyer,

2 ITA 8151 Thomas Franco, Emmanuel Graziano Pirola,

3 ITA – Michele Rulli, Dario Giovannetti



1 EST – Mia Maria Lipsmäe, Sandra Sinivee,

2 CZE – Monika Krenková, Kristyna Krenkova,

3 ITA – Carlotta Palmarini, Aurora Emiliani,



1 ITA – Joseph Bicocchi, Gemma Giovannelli,

2 LTU – Ruta Mazunavicyiut, Nojas Volungevicius,

3 ITA – Thomas Revenoldi, Clarissa Vedovelli,



1 NZL – David Ferris, Cameron Ferris,

2 CZE – Monika Krenková, Kristyna Krenkova,

3 NZL – Erin’s, Isla’s Kee

Magic Marine, as a sponsor of the RS Feva World Championships, has gone above and beyond in supporting the event. Their contribution of magnificent prizes has added an extra element of excitement and motivation for the participating sailors. The top-quality gear and rewards provided by Magic Marine have not only recognized the achievements of the winners but have also elevated the overall experience for all competitors.

RS Sailing’s support for the RS Feva class and sailors is as always exemplary. Their commitment to delivering a first-class service has greatly contributed to the success and growth of the class worldwide. By offering top-quality sailing equipment and continuous support to sailors and class organizers, RS Sailing has played a significant role in fostering a thriving and vibrant RS Feva community.

And finally the Magic Marine RS Feva World Championships, hosted by the small yet mighty LNI Follonica, was an immense success, leaving a profound impact on all who were part of it. The World Class organization, warm hospitality, and inclusivity exemplified by the team at LNI Follonica created an exceptional and unforgettable experience for participants and spectators alike. The event stands as a shining example of how the heart and dedication of a passionate sailing community can elevate a championship to greatness. The Magic Marine RS Feva World Championships at LNI Follonica will be remembered as an extraordinary celebration of sailing excellence, inclusivity, sportsmanship, and the spirit of camaraderie that unites sailors from around the world.


RS Feva Gold Series – 9 races – 31.07.2023

RS Feva Silver Series – 9 races – 31.07.2023

RS Feva Bronze Series – 9 races – 31.07.2023

Photography – Oli King Photography 

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