The Magic Marine RS Feva World Championships 2023 is ready to set sail, and with a record-breaking attendance of 422 competitors, it promises to be an unforgettable event for the sailing community. Hosted by RS Feva, GV LNI Follonica, and RS Sailing, the championship is eagerly anticipated, with participants and supporters alike eagerly awaiting the thrilling races and camaraderie that this prestigious event offers.


The RS Feva is a popular two-person sailing dinghy that has gained widespread recognition for its versatility and appeal to sailors of all ages. The boat’s design provides a perfect platform for young sailors to develop their skills while offering a thrilling and competitive experience for seasoned sailors. Due to its worldwide popularity, the RS Feva World Championships have become a pinnacle event in the sailing calendar, drawing competitors from various corners of the globe.

Title sponsors Magic Marine a renowned brand that has made significant strides in the sailing world by redefining sailing apparel and gear. With a commitment to innovation, functionality have really helped the class bring together some fabulous entry pack goodies and prizes.


The 422 competitors attending the RS Feva World Championships 2023 represent a diverse array of sailing talent. From budding young sailors just starting their journey in the sport to experienced veterans with an illustrious track record, the event attracts a range of skill levels. The participation of sailors from different countries and backgrounds fosters a global spirit of friendship and sportsmanship.


The chosen location for the 2023 RS Feva World Championships, Follonica offers ideal sailing conditions and breathtaking scenery. Its strategic selection ensures that both competitors and supporters will have a memorable experience both on and off the water. The organizing team has diligently prepared the venue to accommodate the large number of participants and ensure a smooth, well-executed event.


RS Sailing, a prominent manufacturer of high-quality sailboats, and GV LNI Follonica, a renowned sailing club, have played pivotal roles in the organization and execution of the championships. Their joint efforts have contributed to the event’s success and helped create an environment of excellence, camaraderie, and professionalism.


With such a competitive and diverse fleet, the RS Feva World Championships 2023 is expected to showcase thrilling races and tight competitions throughout the event. Spectators can anticipate witnessing incredible sailing skills and tactical manoeuvres as participants vie for the top spots on the leaderboard.


In addition to the races, the championships will feature various social events and activities, providing sailors and their supporters with opportunities to interact, exchange experiences, and form lasting connections within the sailing community.


The RS Feva World Championships 2023 is set to be a landmark event in the sailing world. With 422 competitors from around the globe, the championship promises exhilarating races and remarkable displays of sailing prowess. The combined efforts of RS Feva, GV LNI Follonica, and RS Sailing have ensured the successful organization of this world-class event. As the sailors and supporters gather at [Insert Location], the stage is set for an extraordinary celebration of sailing, sportsmanship, and camaraderie. Let the races begin!