The RS Feva World Championships 2023 registration day 1 commenced with a bustling and exciting registration day. The event, hosted by RS Feva, GV LNI Follonica, and RS Sailing, saw an impressive turnout, with no less than 175 teams eagerly coming through the registration tent. The registration process, sees class measurer Frans and class technical representative Nick conduct sail number checks while teams from both the RS Feva Class and GV LNI Follonica distributed goodies to each competitor, making it a memorable and busy day.

The registration process is a crucial aspect of any championship, setting the tone for the entire event. Teams complete Main Sail checks, various administrative formalities are completed, instructions for boat parking, launching and recovery shared and then competitors received their event passes and goodie bags

Class measurer Fans and class technical representative Nick played pivotal roles during the registration day. Their responsibility involved conducting thorough sail number checks for each participating team’s Main Sail. Ensuring that all sail numbers were correctly placed is vitally important as it ensures they can be easily read as a boat passes through the finish line or indeed the start line too early!. Technical Representative Nick will conduct random spot checks to boats throughout the week, this is essential for maintaining fairness and integrity during the races.

As part of the warm welcome and to mark the significance of the RS Feva World Championships 2023, goodies were prepared for every competitor. These goodies include a fantastic Magic Marine commemorative Rash Vest and sailing club technical T Shirt. The distribution of these goodies not only added to the excitement of the event but also showed appreciation to the participants for their presence and dedication.

With teams to process and attend to, the registration tent was abuzz with activity throughout the day. The organizers and volunteers worked tirelessly to ensure a smooth and efficient process for all participants. Despite the sheer volume of registrations, the atmosphere remained enthusiastic and spirited, reflecting the passion that the sailors and their supporters had for the championship.

With the remaining 30 – 40 teams to come through Sunday will no doubt be a slower day for all involved but we look forward to heading down to Follonica Town for the Opening Ceremony and later firework display. If 2019 is anything to go by we know this will be amazing!